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digital + marketing + Social for independent minded artists, managers & Labels



We want to work with good people and great artists.


In today's music industry artist development is your responsibility, whether or not you are signed. We can fill out your team and do everything from "quarterbacking" your entire project to developing unique strategies around any specific area, including but not limited to: marketing, digital, streaming, touring, content, e-commerce, ticketing, CRM and more.


We now also offer full-service social media management. Working with you to refine your social voice and keeping great content ideas flowing, we will grow your fanbase and deepen your relationship with them.  It can be hard to stay on top of your social accounts; we can take much of that pressure off to keep you focused on your art. 


Every campaign is carefully tailored to your specific needs, addressing the challenges and leveraging the opportunities of today's complex music marketplace. We will always be a boutique company because we honestly believe you can't do a phenomenal job at artist development or social media at scale. 


For 25+ years, I have been leading consumer marketing, digital, social, e-commerce, merchandise, ticketing  and business development efforts for some of the world's greatest artists and companies.

From Michael Bublé to The Black Keys, Selena Gomez to Tegan & Sara, Green Day to Gerard Way, Pennywise to Tom Petty, I have put together comprehensive marketing campaigns for 100's of artists targeting fans all around the world.


If you want a deeper look at my experience, please click here

J Scavo
J scavo
Why? because Be honest, can you handle all this alone?


Send us an note and let us know what you are looking for. If we think we can help we'll set up a free intro call.


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